Connect X NACL

Apr 8, 2022

The recent "Connect X" event hosted by NACL during the Grammys weekend in Los Angeles was a resounding success. With more than 350 attendees, the event brought together brands that work with NACL, gamers, musicians, and content creators through their vast network. The focus of the event was to build a sustainable environment and ecosphere for the esports industry, which is a fast-growing industry that has seen a surge in popularity in recent years.

The event was sponsored by some of the biggest brands in the industry, including Roland, Grilla, Delorean, Famecast, Weeb, 1of1custom, Raiden Science Foundation, and Vela. Passion Tree Hard Seltzer and June Shine kindly sponsored the drinks, which added to the festive atmosphere of the event.

Attendees were treated to a range of exciting activities, including testing the sponsors' products, a live streaming station, and an 80's DMC displayed by Delorean. The event also featured a special performance by the Keytar queen "Jackie Rain," who roasted the Roland keytar for the audience

In addition, two panel discussions were hosted by David Chen, featuring prominent figures in the industry such as Jared Finck CEO of Cosmic Wire, Rex Wong CEO of Famecast, Brian Alli Vice President of Roland, Gabe Viggers CPO of Weeb, Roger Argenis CEO of Soundstage and Grammy Nominee, Corey Clement Superbowl Champion, Evan Kaylin CEO of Grilla, Markeith Anthony Musician with Roland and Glenn Shaw CEO of Weeb. The panel discussions covered a range of topics related to the esports industry, including the future of the industry, the challenges facing esports, and the opportunities available to gamers, musicians, and content creators

The "Connect X" event was a fantastic opportunity for those in the esports industry to come together, network, and learn from one another. With the industry continuing to grow at a rapid pace, events like this will play an essential role in shaping its future and ensuring its sustainability. NACL has done an excellent job in creating a platform for industry players to connect, and we look forward to seeing more events like this in the future.