Miami Art Basel x NACL

Dec 24, 2022

NACL's presence at the Miami Art Basel 2022 was a highlight of the year for the organization. The event was a celebration of art, music, and technology, and NACL was right in the thick of it all. The organization participated in several events, including Dcentral Con Miami, Bit Basel with Vela Group, and an activation with Unrevealed.

At Dcentral Con, BlockLords, one of NACL's sponsors, shared a short clip of a conversation between Michael Besping and NACL President David Chen. The clip created a buzz among friends and fans, who were worried about a potential fallout. However, it was all in good fun, and the event continued without any issues.

The Bit Basel event was equally exciting, with David Chen joining a panel of speakers hosted by Dallas Santana from the Vela Group. Cordell, Snoop Dog's son, and Timbaland also joined the panel, and the discussion focused on NFTs, music, and the Metaverse. The conversation delved into NFTs in space, which was an intriguing topic for everyone involved.

On the final day of the Art Basel, NACL partnered with Unrevealed to create a gaming event that combined gaming and art into a unique experience. The event started with a practice and qualifying stage in the cabanas and culminated in a grand final in front of the main stage, where DJ Uzo set the tone for the evening. NACL's sponsors, Delorean, The GamHRS, ReCRD, PopGallery, and the Raiden Science Foundation, were instrumental in making the event a success.

NACL's presence at the Miami Art Basel was a fantastic experience. The organization had the opportunity to network with like-minded individuals and showcase its passion for art, music, and technology. The event was a reminder of the power of collaboration and how working together can create incredible experiences for everyone involved. NACL is looking forward to future events where it can continue to showcase its unique approach to gaming and technology.