Golden Goal: NACL x Wolves Esports Reach Playoffs on the “Road to Wolverhampton”

Feb 24, 2023

The calendar might read Memorial Day, the unofficial start to summer, but the NACL timetable is all about the final stretch. That’s because the inimitable joint effort between the North American Collegiate League and Wolves Esports - The “Road to Wolverhampton”- has reached its playoff rounds. 

On Memorial Day, the crème de la crème in FIFA21 will look to write their own histories, all with one explicit aim: an unprecedented audition with the Wolves Esports, the pro gaming division of the Wolverhampton Wanderers in the English Premier League. Scads of FIFA21 hopefuls representing a dozen nations have clawed their way through the grueling 12-week season. Now, the top 16 qualifiers will lock horns in 1v1 mayhem. Leading the pack are Colombia’s Jonny530_JR and Uruguay’s W1LKINS_UY, both of whom finished the regular season with glittering 10-1-1 records. 

The first four Round of 16 matches kick off on Monday at 7PM CST, followed by the second quartet on Tuesday, June 1st. The Round of 16 is single elimination; thereafter, the format shifts to best of 3. June 5th brings the crowning of a champion, who earns that coveted tryout with the Wolves. Said champion also inherits the -potentially unenviable- task of an exhibition match against Flavio, a Wolves’ pro footballer. But all hope is not lost for the runners-up, as the Wolves will be keeping tabs on all promising playoff talent. 

It bears repeating: the stakes have never been higher. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is the joint brainchild of the NACL and Wolves Esports, helmed by General Manager for Marketing and Commercial Growth Russell Jones. There’s other firsts at play here, too. The “Road to Wolverhampton” heralds unprecedented synergy between a North American Esports league and the English Premier League. Moreover, it marks a successful debut for the NACL’s fledgling Latin American League. 

The NACL thanks all participants -on both sides of the pond- for their grit and support and wishes the sweet sixteeners well. Make sure to catch all the streaming action on the official NACL twitch stream at In the meantime, stay in the NACL loop via Instagram (@Play.nacl), Twitter (@PlayNACL), and the web at And if you’re hungry for news, celebrity interviews, and tournament highlights check out our new YouTube channel at

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